Vidéo - conference of Maureen Dollard: The multilevel approach to work stress, April 22, 2015

See the video of the conference of Maureen Dollard, Professor at the University of South Australia : " The multilevel approach to work stress ; Psychosocial safety climate as the "cause of the causes" of work stress".

Psychosocial Safety Climate theory is a recent innovation in the work stress research field. PSC is a unifying construct that brings together understandings from the safety climate, occupational health and safety, work stress, and occupational health psychology literatures. Psychosocial Safety Climate is proposed as a pre-eminent cause of work stress and psychological injury. PSC concerns ‘policies, practices and procedures for the protection of worker psychological health and safety’ and is a specific component of organizational climate, a ‘climate for psychological health and safety’. Psychosocial Safety Climate refers to management commitment and priority, organizational communication, organizational participation and involvement specifically in relation to psychological health and safety. Pr Dollard 's presentation will present evidence for PSC at a national, state, organisational, and team level, and its primary and secondary function in the development of psychological health problems at work, sickness absence, and workers compensation claims. Evidence will be given for the role of PSC as an organizational predictor of many lower level stressors arising from job design psychosocial risks (e.g., demands, control), and social and relational aspects of work (e.g., bullying, violence) articulated in dominant work stress theories. Implications for research methods, and points of intervention will be discussed.

What about Maureen Dollard

Maureen Dollard is Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology and Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Work Health and Safety and the Work & Stress Research Group at the University of South Australia. She has a national and international reputation in the area of occupational stress and has published 4 books and over 130 book chapters and peer reviewed journal articles in the area. She has extensive experience with industry partners, and has won numerous research grants awarded by the Australian Research Council. Maureen is on the Editorial Board for the international journals Work and Stress, Journal of Organizational Behavior, the European Journal of Work & Organisational Psychology, and the International Journal of Rural Management. She is Co-chair of the International Commission on Occupational Health Scientific Committee Work Organisation and Psychosocial Factors and is Chair of the 2014 Congress of the International Commission on Occupational Health – Work Organization and Psychosocial Factors. She is President-Elect of the Asia Pacific Academy for Psychosocial Factors at Work. Her main research focus is on psychosocial safety climate for psychological health in organisations, the Australian Workplace Barometer, and psychosocial factors at work in the Asia Pacific She has previously worked with IRMA staff researching rural development workers and women entrepreneurs in India.

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