HYPER: stress and attention deficit disorders at school and university

Health, well-being and success of young people in school and university education: a study of stress and attention deficit disorders.

Young adults such as students are frequently exposed to distress and diseases that may involve serious complications or cause impairment in their daily living activities and their studies. This period of life is a key period in which personal behaviors as well as the social and university environment can also introduce risky behavior. However, while many behaviors and diseases are closely linked, the interrelationships between risk behaviors, stress, and attention deficits are largely unknown. Academic achievement is an important factor of wellbeing in young people. Stress and attention deficit are common factors among university students but are already present among school children.

In collaboration with the i-Share platform ( www.i-share.fr ) and with a large cohort study in school children (10 primary schools) in the Aquitaine region, we propose:

  • to study factors associated with stress and attention deficit and their effects on health (psychopathological symptoms, migraine, risky behavior);
  • to study whether factors linked with stress/attention deficit are similar among university students and school scholars;
  • to study the association between stress/attention deficit on academic performance (exam marks, scores on tests);
  • to study the relationship between brain lesions (using MRI scans) and attention disorders in university students; 
  • to prepare targeted interventions focusing on attention and related problems, describing the processes required to tailor such programs to different target groups and assessing the efficiency of these actions, especially in pupils in collaboration with INPES (Institut National de Prévention et d’Education à la santé).