Drugs, risks, uncertainty and common good02/11Drugs, risks, uncertainty and common good

The aim of this conference is to encourage deeper reflection over possible changes that could be made to how the evaluation of medicines is organized and, more generally, to drug decision-making under conditions of uncertainty.

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HEADS 2nd Study Day on Health Ethics21/06HEADS 2nd Study Day on Health Ethics

HEADS' young researchers have invited key local speakers from different academic backgrounds to discuss the principles of ethics of those conducting research.

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Registration - Study Day: Health Ethics

This study day will be the occasion to provide a rich eclectic panorama of ethical challenges researchers have to face and deal with when addressing health issues. This scientific event will take place on June 21st, at the University of Bordeaux, Place de la Victoire (amphitheatre Denucé)

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Seminar Philisophy & Biology: Alain Blanchard15/03Seminar Philisophy & Biology: Alain Blanchard

Alain Blanchard (Microbiology, INRA Bordeaux)

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12/01Seminar Philosophy & Biology: Sven Saupe & Matthieu Paoletti (IBGC UMR 5095)

The seminar is back in 2016 with two CNRS researchers who will talk about Self and Non-Self Recognition in Fungi The seminar will start at 12:30, at the University of Bordeaux (Carreire Campus,...

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Rosemary Taylor's conference: Risks Unforeseen14/10Rosemary Taylor's conference: Risks Unforeseen

We welcomed Rosemary Taylor associate professor at Tufts University twice in September and October for two conferences. Both talks are now available on this page  

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21/12Seminar Philosophy & Biology: Anya Plutynski

Anya Plutynski (Department of Philosophy, Washington University in Saint Louis) will be the last invited speaker to the seminar Philosophy & Biology. This session will start at 12:30, at the...

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Seminar Philisophy & Biology06/10Seminar Philisophy & Biology

Ken Gemes (Birkbeck, University of London), « Nietzsche’s Notion of Health »

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10/11HEADS International Scientific Committee

Our scientific committee gathering key international researchers will meet on November 2015 This venue will be the occasion to review our actions and think of our global strategy for 2016

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