PhD Students

Pauline NicolasPauline Nicolas

Pauline has been studying law in Bordeaux since 2009. She has especially studied public law to get a specialization in health law.

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Camille OuvrardCamille Ouvrard

Camille Ouvrard is a psychologist who obtained her professional master degree at the University of Bordeaux in 2014.

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Estelle Mallet-DumasEstelle Mallet-Dumas

She has a PhD in Biological and Medical Sciences and has worked for six years in England as a post-doctoral student.

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Eric Meyer

Eric is a psychologist, specialized in cognitive pychology and psycho-pathology. His research is focused on attention disorders and sucess among pupils and students

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Lucie PierreLucie Pierre

Lucie is an occupational psychologist working on organisational innovation in favor of prevention and health promotion in the workplace.

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Deyana Stefanova

Deyana has just started her PhD focused on the adaptation of the legislation considering the reforms of health systems

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