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Drugs, risks, uncertainty and common good02/11Drugs, risks, uncertainty and common good

The aim of this conference is to encourage deeper reflection over possible changes that could be made to how the evaluation of medicines is organized and, more generally, to drug decision-making under conditions of uncertainty.

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HEADS 2nd Study Day on Health Ethics21/06HEADS 2nd Study Day on Health Ethics

HEADS' young researchers have invited key local speakers from different academic backgrounds to discuss the principles of ethics of those conducting research.

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28/09HEADS Assessment/Diffusion day

Save the date! We are now organizing our forthcoming dissemintion day, dedicated to projects' results and outcomes

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Rosemary Taylor's conference: Risks Unforeseen14/10Rosemary Taylor's conference: Risks Unforeseen

We welcomed Rosemary Taylor associate professor at Tufts University twice in September and October for two conferences. Both talks are now available on this page  

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HEADS: HEAlth Determinants in Societies

HEADS is designed as an integrative program, accelerator of innovations in research and health care systems organization.

Our aim:

To address the following challenge: systematically revisit and update the social determinants of health, thanks to a multidisciplinary approach to health.

Our strategy:

Taking strength from the University of Bordeaux’s specialists in various academic domains and areas of expertise, breaking barriers between health and social sciences, we seek to generate and promote research excellence characterized by a new way of approaching research objects and questions. Thus HEADS is to meet two watchwords: transversality and internationalization in research and training regarding health.